Treat Yourself After Midterms. You Deserve It.

Cotton Candy Frappe with the sis. Photo by author.

Cotton Candy Frappe with the sis. Photo by author.

You’ve spent hours in the library, downed multiple espresso shots in order to stay awake, and given up on sleep all for one thing. Ah yes, it’s midterm season.

Now that you’ve survived these past two weeks of midterms, hopefully your professors will give you a break. Nonetheless, treat yourself for all your hard work, and stop by Cal Poly’s on campus Starbucks.

Due to the past two weeks, you probably cringe a little at the word. But I promise you, there are no espresso shots or Venti double-shot iced lattes involved.

Instead, try these yummy “Secret Menu” drinks, and give yourself a pat on the bat for your hard work.

Favorite Starbucks Secret Menu Items

1. Cotton Candy Frappuccino

How to Order: 

  • order a vanilla bean frappe
  • ask for 1 pump* of raspberry syrup

2. Oreo Frappuccino 

How to Order: 

  • Order a double chocolate chip frappe 
  • Ask for 1 pump* of white mocha syrup

3. Rolo Candy Frappuccino 

How to Order: 

  • Order a vanilla bean frappe
  • Ask for caramel on the inside of the cup
  • Ask for them to add java chips
  • Top with a mocha drizzle, or chocolate syrup 

**1 pump= Tall

2 pumps= Grande

3 pumps= Venti

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