Cal Poly Students Share Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15


Watch the video to learn how easy this healthy pizza is to make. Photo by author.

Let’s face it. Avoiding the Freshman 15 during your first year of college can be pretty difficult. And it’s even more difficult when your variety of dining options at Cal Poly are well– not the greatest.

Fear not, future freshmen. Watch this video to learn how to take ingredients from VG’s (a cafe on campus), and make your own healthy meals from it, right in your dorm. With these tips, maintaining your health can be a piece of cake… (yay puns)

DIY Dorm is Winding Down… for now

My stats as of March 11. Photo by author.

My stats as of March 11. Photo by author.

Let me tell you the good news before I tell you the bad.

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for their amazing support. Honestly, DIY Dorm would not have been a success without all my friends and followers support. Never in a million years did I think this blog would have almost 5,000 views in just two and a half months. 

With that, I would like to inform all of you wonderful followers that DIY Dorm will no longer be posting as often. After my video this Thursday, I will no longer be posting twice a week.

Now before you storm off on me all upset, know that DIY Dorm will be posting every two weeks or so instead. I will not abandon you lovely people, I swear!

This blog wouldn’t have been successful if it weren’t for the support from my fellow students. Here’s what some of my classmates had to say about DIY Dorm:

“Your blog has so much information to offer, and you do it in such an entertaining way. You really show your dedication to your blog with all the different media and different ideas you provide for your audience.”

– Katelyn Piziali

“I love the theme of your blog. It seems to fit the creative DIY  projects that your blog is all about. It just works.”

– Angela Fausone

Whenever a new DIY idea pops into my head, or I feel inspired, I promise to update you all on here first. Thanks again for being such wonderful followers, and stay tuned for Thursday’s video blog! 

Sneak Peek for Next Week: How to Avoid the Dreaded Freshman 15


Here at Cal Poly, we’re lucky  to have places like Jamba Juice, Starbucks, and Yogurt Creations right on campus. This can be both a blessing and a way to lose track of your health at the same time…

How can you avoid the “Freshman 15” while being stuck in the dorms?

Stay tuned for DIY Dorm’s video next week, with interviews from freshmen Natasha Bartolome and Emily Nguyen– two Cal Poly dorm residents that practice healthy habits on the daily.

The video will feature their tips for success, as well as some delicious, healthy recipes you can make in the dorms. Avoiding the unhealthy choices in college might seem difficult, but with Natasha and Emily’s recipes, you’ll keep the pounds off while satisfying your cravings at the same time.

Check out some of Natasha’s meals she’s made this quarter below. If you like what you see, definitely stay tuned for next Thursday’s post!

photo 1-3 photo 2-3 photo 3-1 photo 4-1

photo 5-1

Looks delicious right?

Sure, Yogurt Creations and breakfast burritos from VGs are fine as an occasional treat. But after a while, campus food can really take a toll on your health.

Natasha and Emily’s tips and recipes are not only easy, but cost effective as well– all following what this blog is really about. Well, that’s all for now guys!

Stay tuned for next week!

DIY Bobby Pins: Vine Style


Who doesn’t love the simplicity of a 6 second DIY Video?

Thanks to Vine, I’ll skip the whole lengthy rant before giving you what you really visit my blog to see: easy-peasy DIY ideas.

So here it is guys. Before going out to buy $6 colorful bobby pins from Target, check out this Vine and save some money.


Other DIY Vines that will make your life easier: 



Cal Poly Student Uses DIY Creation To Win Over His Crush


Taylor Karst and Bruce Mitcher– a true DIY couple. Photo by author.

Bruce Mitchener knows a thing or two about winning over a girl’s heart…DIY Style.

You probably remember Bruce from the Beverly’s Fabric and Craft Store post a while back. Yes, he’s the childlike friend of mine who colored Scooby Doo and ran around the store like a five-year-old.

Sure, Bruce has his immature moments. But when it came down to wooing his current girlfriend, Taylor Karst, he’s anything but juvenile.

Bruce creates roses from cocktail napkins, a DIY project that has been passed down in his family for years. Check out my interview below on how Bruce won Taylor over with this simple DIY idea.


The roses Bruce gave Taylor that she still keeps on her desk. Photo by author.


They both have their immature moments. Photo by author.

5 reasons why DIYers should try craftgawker


Whether you’re a DIY expert or just a crafty beginner, craftgawker is a must for everyone. Learn more below.

1. High quality projects you can’t find on Pinterest

This site beats pinterest anyday. Photo by author.

This site beats pinterest anyday. Photo by author.

Craftgawker is similar to Pinterest in many ways, but stands out by letting only the best of the best DIY projects show up on your feed. That means no more endless scrolling through unrelated posts. And most of all, it promises that all the images are nothing but professional and high quality.

2. Download the app, or use on your desktop

Download the app or check out the website. Photo by author.

Download the app or check out the website. Photo by author.

The app is completely free (woo-hoo!), and the design is even simpler than the desktop site. But if you’re desperate for a study break, the website is great for endless scrolling and has more options than the mobile app.

3. Simple layout= overall better experience

Quality is guaranteed when it comes to DIY projects. Photo by author.

Quality is guaranteed when it comes to DIY projects. Photo by author.

Personally, sometimes Pinterest is just a little too overwhelming. Posts on Pinterest are sometimes DIY projects, but most of the time they’re just links to other sites, pictures, etc. You’ll click on the image of a cool project, and what do you know, there’s no tutorial. With craftgawker, all posts are guaranteed to be projects you can actually do yourself.

4. 30+ categories to explore

From weddings to clothing, this site covers it all. Photo by author.

From weddings to clothing, this site covers it all. Photo by author.

From clothing to candles, this site will teach you how to make it all. Don’t know what you’re in the mood to make? Try clicking the randomize button found on the app. It’s a great way to explore multiple categories on your home feed.

5. Share on social media with the click of a button

Uploading to Twitter and Facebook is a piece of cake. Photo by author.

Uploading to Twitter and Facebook is a piece of cake. Photo by author.

There’s 100+ ways to share a post on the desktop site, from sites like Wanelo to Amazon. On the mobile app, you’re a little more limited. You can only share posts on seven different social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Pocket.

Treat Yourself After Midterms. You Deserve It.

Cotton Candy Frappe with the sis. Photo by author.

Cotton Candy Frappe with the sis. Photo by author.

You’ve spent hours in the library, downed multiple espresso shots in order to stay awake, and given up on sleep all for one thing. Ah yes, it’s midterm season.

Now that you’ve survived these past two weeks of midterms, hopefully your professors will give you a break. Nonetheless, treat yourself for all your hard work, and stop by Cal Poly’s on campus Starbucks.

Due to the past two weeks, you probably cringe a little at the word. But I promise you, there are no espresso shots or Venti double-shot iced lattes involved.

Instead, try these yummy “Secret Menu” drinks, and give yourself a pat on the bat for your hard work.

Favorite Starbucks Secret Menu Items

1. Cotton Candy Frappuccino

How to Order: 

  • order a vanilla bean frappe
  • ask for 1 pump* of raspberry syrup

2. Oreo Frappuccino 

How to Order: 

  • Order a double chocolate chip frappe 
  • Ask for 1 pump* of white mocha syrup

3. Rolo Candy Frappuccino 

How to Order: 

  • Order a vanilla bean frappe
  • Ask for caramel on the inside of the cup
  • Ask for them to add java chips
  • Top with a mocha drizzle, or chocolate syrup 

**1 pump= Tall

2 pumps= Grande

3 pumps= Venti

Want More? Check out these links before your next trip to Starbucks.