An Evaluation of DIY Dorm


First off, I would like to thank all of you for helping me achieve 1,500 views. At the beginning of this project, I was nervous I wouldn’t even get above 100. All of your support means so much 🙂

Even though DIY Dorm as been a success, there’s always room for improvement. No body is perfect, right? Below are a list of pros and cons of DIY Dorm I gathered from some peers of mine.


  • Headlines stand out and catch your eye 

  • Step-by-step pictures help when making projects

  • DIY projects are unique and interesting

  • Writing style is upbeat and fun

  • Overall interesting layout


  • Sometimes the text can be lengthy (especially in “Expert of the Week” posts)

  • Needs to be more fonts bolded and colored to keep reader interested

  • Sometimes there are too many pictures 

  • Needs to be more multimedia (videos, graphics, etc)

  • Needs to incorporate more DIY topics to stay focused

Now, here’s a list of some solutions to your feedback to make your experience with DIY Dorm a great one.


  • The “Expert of the Week” Q&A can be cut down by quite a bit. Next time, there will only be three questions instead of five.

  • DIY Dorm has strayed into different topics sometimes, but stay tuned for next week for some new DIY ideas that will be featured.

  • Next post, I will be sure to add in multimedia features– stay tuned for an awesome interactive graphic on Thursday’s blog

  • Everyone seems to be more interested in the DIY project-themed posts, rather than the “off topic” story ideas listed in the cons section. I’ll be sure to stay more on topic.

Feel free to comment below if there’s anything else you think DIY Dorm can work on. Trust me, constructive criticism will only make this blog better! Heres some links to some sites that demonstrate the qualities listed in the “Solutions” section above. They’re pretty rad.