Why We’re Hooked On DIY: An Inside Scoop on Our Culture Today


Searching the Web for DIY ideas. Photo by author.

Whether you’re already a DIY expert, or you’ve never tackled a project in your life, take a look around you: “Do It Yourself” is embedded in our culture and is rising in popularity by the minute.

We can find how to do almost anything with a click of a mouse. From learning how to ombré your own hair, to baking rainbow cupcakes, to even learning how to make your own makeup remover from scratch- people everywhere are saving money and taking on not-so-simple tasks.

“We live in a world where we are lucky enough to be able to look up anything we want,” freshman physics major Gil Hetsroni said. “We can virtually access how to make anything through the Internet, and I don’t think people realize how much money that actually saves them.”

So why the sudden self-sufficiency? Well for starters, different DIY websites are popping up everywhere on the internet. They’re aesthetically pleasing to viewers, with colorful images and easy outlined steps, and cover every project idea from A-Z. Not to mention, the sites conveniently include links to more projects down the sides of every page. How could you not click on them?

Listed below are some of my favorite projects from the Mother of all DIY Sites: WikiHow. I mean, its slogan is  “How To Do Anything”, so I think it deserves that title.


We’re naturally drawn to the idea that with little or no experience, anyone can make or create whatever they want in just a few simple steps. From exploring sites like “WikiSteps” to watching the numerous DIY videos on “Youtube”, this convenient money saver has become a daily activity for some college students.

“I’m a huge Instagram user, so whenever I want to look something up, I use hashtags,” freshman nutrition major Natasha Bartolome said. “I always search DIY nail designs instead of spending money at a salon because with Instagram  photos, it’s right at my fingertips: it’s so accessible. You can see hundreds of DIY nail designs in minutes.” 

Instead of paying experts to do their work, people today are realizing they can become experts themselves. Obviously, there are some things one should never try, like DIY brain surgery (yes, someone did actually try this *sigh*). Here’s a link to 20 hilarious DIY fails I found that honestly will make you laugh out loud, but don’t let this humorous site discourage you. The more you practice these projects, the better you’ll get!

And before you take off, take a look at this week’s DIY expert, who has shown that with a little practice, your DIY ideas can turn into a passion and even make you some money.


This Week’s DIY Expert: Kimberly Gilbertsen from Etsy.com

Kimberly’s Shop, which you can visit with this link, features handmade, festive snowmen that will spice up your home for the holidays. Most of her creations feature snowmen wearing your favorite local or national sports team! 

Q:  What got you started on creating the snowmen featured in your shop?

Kimberly: I wanted some extra money for my family. I have always had the crafty side to me, so I figured I could make some extra money for the holidays. That was about 15 years ago and each year I sold a few more to where I sold over 400 this past year.

Q: What gave you the idea to make them?

Kimberly: I was looking at a magazine and saw different things you can make with old mittens and since I love snowmen, I put one together and I haven’t stopped.

Q: Over the years, have they made you any profit?

Kimberly: This year I really saw a profit. I got real serious about building this as a serious money making venture. I bought in larger quantities for my supplies that kept that part of my expenses down.

Q: Why do you think it’s important for people to create their own gifts and decorations, instead of simply buying them?

Kimberly: I think it is so important to use your creative side, you will never know what your mind can come up with. I personaly like homemade gifts rather than store bought. I think looking for that special one of a kind means more. You get a lot more satisfaction and a since of pride when you can put something together yourself.


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