Hello World!

Image of arts and crafts by AngryJulieMonday's via Flickr and used here with a Creative Commons license

Image of arts and crafts by AngryJulieMonday’s via Flickr and used here with a Creative Commons license

Amanda here. Welcome to DIY Dorm, a blog dedicated to “Do It Yourself” ideas that will not only save you a ton of money, but can also be hung proudly in your dorm room. This site will not only walk through the numerous DIY projects I have in store for you, but explore how these DIY projects are becoming a growing part of our culture.

As a first year Cal Poly student myself, I’ve been through the tragedies of college:

  1. Saving all most of the money you made during summer for your first quarter of college
  2. Wincing a tad when you spend it on room decor, furnishings, clothes, and all other college “necessities” your mom made you bring
  3. Crying as you watch the rest disappear on overly expensive textbooks and Woodstock pizzas (hey, you gotta avoid the campus food somehow)

This is where DIY projects step in to save the day: Ladies and Gentlemen, say goodbye to these pains of an unemployed college student and hello to the satisfaction of having a little extra cash in your pocket.

Of course, the idea for this brilliant blog didn’t pop out of nowhere- we all have our inspirations. DIY Dorm is a hybrid of two amazingly-fantastic blogs from previous journalism students. It’s similar to Cheap, Chic, and Healthy in the sense that they both cover affordable ideas and projects, but differ in theme and appearance. Same goes for Beauty Tips and Tricks by Kat: there is overlap with content and format, but my blog will focus strictly on DIY ideas and not so much beauty tricks.

Basically, if these two blogs had a baby, it would be DIY Dorm.

That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for mini projects, money savers, and even some creative Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved ones.

Thanks for stopping by!


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